Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you use granular fertilizer?

We apply a slow release granular fertilizer twice a year (Spring and Fall) to be applied in conjunction with the liquid fertilizer to help the root system sustain it's health during any extreme temperatures.

Do you recommend preventative grub control each year?

It is recommended if your home is located closer to the water.  White grubs can be very destructive and can damage your lawn quickly.  Grubs are a subsurface insect and eat from the bottom up and you will not see evidence of grub activity until the damage already starts appearing.

If I don't get the preventative annual grub control, can you still control the grubs when they are present?

Yes.  We do have products to quickly control grubs; however the price is the same as the preventative and you may have to repair any damage caused by the grubs.  Grubs are mature in size and may take several treatments to control them.

I have clumps of wide bladed grass growing in my yard; do your applications control this?

No. In general most of the wide bladed grass in home lawns is either Crabgrass or Torpedo Grass.  There is no chemical "control" for wild grasses.  Generally a chemical called Roundup will need to be applied and renovation required (This product does kill the existing grass and will cause the sprayed areas to turn brown and should be used very carefully).

What do you recommend if I have pets?

We recommend keeping all people and pets off the lawn for a minimum of two hours after the application (or longer if you can).  Watering the application in will also help move any product from the foliage into the soil.  Please call our office if any further information is needed.

What if I notice weeds still actively growing a couple of weeks after your application?

Please call us.  We offer free service calls to our full program customers.  Our technician will gladly re-visit your lawn to make sure our program is working properly.

How long will it take for my weeds to disappear?

Weed control can take from 2 to 4 weeks before you see the full benefit of the application.  Variables such as temperature and rainfall can affect results. According to the label law, we are not able to retreat the weeds for a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks after the application.



How often will I receive applications?

We work to keep applications between 6-8 weeks. Applications such as the preventive grub control may overlap the regular visits. These applications are done when weather and timing permit their most effective control.

How often should I water my lawn?

In general, we recommend 1 inch of water per week under normal weather conditions.  We recommend more during hot, dry periods and less during wet, rainy periods (If allowed by law).  A rain gauge is very handy in keeping track of water amounts.